Is WordPress Secure?

Hacking incidents in the past make me wonder “Is WordPress secure?”. Many business owners also have a similar query before taking their business online and start marketing. This is a tricky question as its answer cannot be just Yes or No. Before we start with the answer let’s be clear that nothing on the web is 100 per cent secure.

Although a website is created on the content management system (WordPress in this case), there are many other factors which affect the security of the website like web hosting, plugins and themes used on the site, maintenance of the site by its owner, etc. All these elements are used in creating a WordPress website but are out of scope for the WordPress community.

Broadly we can say that there are 3 categories which we need to assess for explaining our answer. The first one is WordPress Core, second is the plugins and themes and the third is the maintenance by the website owner.

1. The WordPress Core:

The WordPress core is managed by a highly capable team at WordPress. WP community gets a lot of donations and they spend this money on hiring experts. The team is working proactively for tackling any threats and finding solutions.

These solutions are released in the form of WordPress updates. Safely we can say that the WordPress core is very secure. If we are installing WordPress updates regularly, we need not worry about it.

2. The Plugins and Themes:

This part of coding comes from the third party. They can be individuals or companies. Most of these are available free of cost. The people who code these plugins/ themes are not necessarily experts. Which means, this part might be vulnerable to hacking.

There are companies who offer plugins and themes mostly for some nominal charges, these plugins are more secure as compared to free plugins. Monetizing the plugin gives the company resources to maintain the plugin. They are also focused on improving the plugin regularly so that people keep buying it.

3. Website Owner:

No matter what Content Management Platform one uses, the responsibility of the website lies on its owner. Today anyone can create a simple WordPress blog in less than 20 minutes. This way a layman who has no idea about security dos and don’ts can easily leave vulnerabilities in the code. One cannot create a website and leave it; regular maintenance is very much a part of the website owner’s job.

Any part of the coding done from the owner’s side can be vulnerable. The files which owner upload can also provide a gate for hackers to enter their website. For this WordPress has a Security manual, which must be thoroughly read and understood. This will reduce the risk of any breach. 

We can clearly see that there are three important factors which can answer our question “Is WordPress secure?”; they are:

  1. People behind the website
  2. Budget
  3. Time

Bluehost gives us a few DIY steps which you can take to improve the security of your WordPress website. Click here to read these steps.


If these three are taken care of then we can say that WordPress is secure. But practically speaking we cannot always choose the best people and spend all the budget and time on our website. So, it is always better to have a plan B which is to back up the website. This is important because if anything happens, we can restore the website in no time without harming the business.

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